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Policy update and automated opt-in survey

While working on an automated opt-in survey (about which I write in a bit), it was noticed that our privacy policy and cookie policy is rather out-of-date.

Mostly, we used to store a lot more personal information when you created an account, like email addresses, passwords, etc. As we now use GitHub to handle all that, we can slim down our privacy policy, as we store very little personal information.

For the cookie policy, for years now we only use cookies for the authenticated part of our websites and nothing else.

OpenTTD’s privacy policy has always been: we want to know as little personal information about you as possible. And although these changes were rolled out years ago, the policies did not reflect that yet. They do now!

In short: we removed statements from the policy about information we track, as we haven’t done that for years now.

So, what about this automated opt-in survey you are talking about?

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OpenTTD 13.1

OpenTTD 13.0 has been out for two months and we’ve found some bugs to fix.

Most notably, we’ve fixed two kinds of crashes:

  • Road vehicles inside multi-track level crossings no longer crash into the side of trains.
  • The game no longer crashes when a spectator in a network game tries to interact with a town’s local authority.

For NewGRF authors using the new engine variant feature introduced in 13.0, we’ve added a callback to select how the engine’s name is displayed in the buy menu.

As always, there are plenty of other bugfixes, which you can find in the changelog.

OpenTTD 13.0

Breaking news: OpenTTD 13.0 is now available! Depending on your perspective, we’re either two months early for our usual April 1st release, or a bit tardy for the Christmas 2022 release we intended.

We think the wait has been worth it. This is one of the largest releases we’ve done in several years, with numerous features and improvements covering the user interface, gameplay features, and modding extensions for NewGRF and Game Script creators.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Variable interface scaling at whatever size you want (not just 2x and 4x), with optional chunky bevels for that retro feel. This includes better automatic scaling when using HiDPI or mixed DPI setups.
  • Direct access to NewGRF/AI/GS settings from the new game window.
  • Various small tweaks and improvements to several windows.
  • NewGRFs can now provide engine variants that are shown hierarchically in the purchase list.
  • Multi-track level crossings to keep road vehicles from stopping in the middle of the crossing.
  • Custom league tables for GameScripts.
  • More natural rivers which get wider as they flow downstream.
  • And much more, which can be seen in the changelog or the previous release announcements!

In addition to these features and improvements, we’ve fixed lots of bugs. (If you played with the RC2 testing release, most were fixed before then. See the changelog for full details.)

OpenTTD 13.0-RC2

OpenTTD 13.0-RC2 is now available, which fixes a bunch of issues found during RC1 playtesting.

Most fixes are related to AI/GS scripting, the recent GUI zoom improvements and the engine variant support. (As ever, see the changelog for further details).

With only a short time left before release, please take the effort to test our latest Release Candidate, to find any issues that are still left! Any issues can be reported in the usual place.

Additionally, if you are a translator, please see if your language has any missing translations. We greatly appreciate your contribution!

OpenTTD 13.0-RC1

Rejoice, for we are now in feature freeze for the 13.0 release series just in time for a new year!

Some last minute features and fixed made it into the new year. Especially notable are the new vehicle variants feature for NewGRFs and automatic flipping support for shorten-than-default NewGRF-defined vehicles. On the fixing side, focus was on polishing the new fractional GUI zoom and some other minor bits and pieces.

Testing is more important than ever, so please keep it up, and report any issues as normal!